Our Teachers

  • Maria Jose Salvoch

    Maria began yoga 4 years ago as a way to exercise. She knew yoga as a physical practice, but quickly discovered the mental benefits as well. She began to realize a true yoga practice is how you live life off the mat.
    Through her classes, Maria challenges each individual in a safe, encouraging, and playful environment where students can reach their full potential. Her teaching focuses on key alignments and body awareness through connection of the mind, body, and breath. She is a life long student, always interested in learning new styles, sequences, poses, and philosophy. Maria's classes are accessible for all to attend - no matter your experience, fitness level, or injuries. 

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  • Michelle Berlin

    Michelle began her path of yoga many years ago which transpired into teaching in 2007. Yoga has had a profound effect on shaping her goals towards a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She wanted to pass on this sacred knowledge and encourage student's to honor their bodies to bring them to their optimal health on and off the mat. Michelle has travelled to India, Thailand, and Bali to further her studies in understanding the complexity of yoga and the human body.

    While in India , she studied at the Iyengar Himalayan Center to learn yoga therapy techniques to work with people with injuries. Complementing that avenue of yoga , she has completed several Thai bodywork trainings which she incorporates in her one on one yoga sessions. While staying deeply connected to yoga's deep roots, Michelle's classes are playful, progressive and dynamic,moving with the ever changing flow of the world we live in today.

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  • Arianne Traverso

    Arianne's goal is simple: help people achieve their physical and spiritual goals with a lighthearted approach. With over 10 years experience teaching as a dynamic Hatha-Vinyasa and Senior AcroYoga instructor, Arianne focuses on the healing aspects of yoga to unleash your unlocked potentials in strength, meditation & connecting within. Through teacher trainings, yoga retreats, healing thai massage sessions & Miami's pioneer of Zrii Ayurvedic Products, Arianne can create changes in people's lives for the better!

    As owner of TRIO Studios (www.trioyoga.com) based in Wynwood Miami, the perfect environment to compliment her colorful and playful style, Arianne teaches workshops and trainings across the world. The broad horizon of her experience infuses her classes with fun and a sense that one can achieve anything. Arianne's expertise in Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage help students to build their own well-balanced understanding of the practice through the use of clear, technical teaching skills, compassionate adjustments, breath connection and intuitive body awareness.

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  • Leah Kinsella

    Leah is a Yogini with a love of her practice. The teachings have helped her become a happier and healthier person. Meditation, asana, and pranayama are a few of the tools that she brings to the class. She began practicing yoga in 2000. In 2009 she went through her first teacher training at Prana Yoga in Miami, which teachers under the lineage of the Himalayan Institute and Sri Swami Rama. She came upon her teacher Rod Stryker, founder of Para Yoga, in 2009. Para Yoga is Tantric Sri-Vidya-based.  Currently she is in training to become a level 1 Para yoga® instructor. She was initiated by Rod Stryker in 2012. The integrity that stems from these teachings is applicable to everyday life and Leah loves sharing the experience. 

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  • Megan Johnson

    Megan Johnson's passion, career, and hobby is health & fitness. She holds a Diploma in personal training from the National Personal Training Institute where she also studied Nutritional Counseling. She teaches a wide variety of group fitness and yoga classes as well as training private clients. She is a Stand-Up Paddle board instructor. She specializes in all three aspects of fitness equally to create a balanced, strong body and mind. She believes It is the combination of all three systems; strength training, cardiovascular, and flexibility training that yields the greatest results. Yoga is where her heart is and loves the boundless journey of the yoga path, not the destination. One of her favorite parts of teaching is helping people experience the playfulness and powerful feeling of getting upside down. 

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  • Melisa Winitzky

    Coming from a dance and gymnastics background, Melisa began practicing yoga as a young teenager. Raised in an active household, she immediately took a big interest in learning about the many benefits of yoga. While attending college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY for Photography, she helped raise awareness and eventually got the school to offer regular yoga courses for credit hours.

    In 2006 her family encouraged her to take the 200 RYT teacher training at a local studio in Miami Beach by Paul Toliuszis and Fred Bush. During this time she also studied under the influence of Ruslan Kleytman, who introduced her to acro yoga and yogic arts by Duncan Wong. In 2008 she moved on to Los Angeles, CA where she continued to teach yoga and pole fitness.

    In 2012, she returned to Miami to attend a 500 RYT at Brickell Hot Yoga with Fred Bush and pre-natal, restorative and therapeutic instructor Allaine Stricklen. She continued to expand her knowledge by taking up anti-gravity yoga (aka aerial yoga) and is planning for certification this year.

    Having experienced automotive and sports related injuries herself, she learned early in her career how to reconfigure and modify poses in order to adapt to the physical and emotional limitations of movement. While in therapy during these occurrences she not only received but learned about rehabilitation thru pilates and yoga. She now creates classes suitable and beneficial for everybody.

    Currently she teaches a variety of classes in both Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

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  • Joaquin de Teresa

    I grew up between western Mexico and Florida. My life is an amazing journey full of love, challenge, adventure and flow and that is what i seek to share to you. In Yoga, like in life, I am a student and teacher, taking the best from my whole experience and sharing what I can seeking to uplift and strengthen my people, building community, my Sangha, my family. I became a full-time yoga instructor in Dec 2010 and a certified Acroyoga teacher in Nov 2012. I’m so grateful. Since then my yoga practice has become what I share. Deepening as I flow with it. I’m fascinated by Thai-yoga massage and have assimilated it as part of my practice. Meeting more and more yogis and learning to fly and teach to fly with my acroyoga teachers. Jamming outside, practicing at the parks, slacklining, flying people. Sharing and offering the medicine of yoga, having fun, that’s my job.

    I’m teaching Hatha, Vinyasa and Acroyoga classes for all levels of practitioners. If you are new to yoga I recommend to spend some time in yoga for beginners.  I call my teaching style "Guacamole yoga" It’s a creative vinyasa sequencing and mixing elements and techniques from from a spectrum of yoga styles. You will sweat, you may laugh, and in the end you will feel a sense of achievement. My teaching style will help you build a solid and aligned foundation so you can understand and grow in your own practice.  It is a blessing and my honor to share my knowledge with you.  My teaching is clear, direct and honest, I communicate with compassion directly from my heart. I hope to help you discover the magic of Yoga!

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  • Anya Guti

     I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for more than a decade in this life time and I am dedicated, fearless and compassionate yoga teacher. I am also a passionate Bhakti yogini initiated into Gaudiya Vaishnavas tradition by my beloved Gurudev Bhaktivedanta Padmanabha Swami Maharaj.

    To me,  Yoga is both the means and the expression of higher awareness and bliss. Its both the practice and the spontaneous taste of higher knowledge through the experience and not merely through belief. Reducing personal whims , conflicts ,disharmony,  which tends to imprison and limit awareness,yoga makes the mind a perfect reflector of experience and then under this circumstances  one can know higher awareness and bliss.

    In my yoga class the primary focus is on developing of the inner awareness and on mastering the mind and not just the body.

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  • Angela Rincon

    Angela has been practicing yoga for over 8 years but a deeper awareness of the many benefits of Yoga came to her when she was diagnosed with Psoriasis, an inflammatory autoimmune disorder. Inspired by the results from meditation, asanas, and breathing exercises, she created her own foundation offering free classes and sharing the benefits of yoga and good nutrition with those who also suffer from inflammatory/autoimmune disorders. In 2010 she decided to go even further into her practice and completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training, becoming a certified yoga instructor. “Yoga is that constant in my life that keeps me centered and healthy.” 

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  • Will Duprey

    Will has provided traditional teachings and practices of yogic philosophy in a clear, concise and humorous manner to thousands of students from beginner practitioners all the way to advanced teachers and everyone in between for over 10 years. Growing up in Vermont steeped in a native spiritual culture, WIll learned at a young age to listen to the land, meditate with the mountain and breathe with the wind. This nature boy grew up into a rebellious punk-rocker and skated his way to NYC.

    While working on Wall Street in a high stress law job Will accidentally wandered into a yoga studio one day and was instantaneously transported back to his roots. Remembering this strong connection between the breath, the physical postures and the Source. Will immediately left his job and immersed himself in scriptural studies. Devouring texts and sitting at the side of his beloved teacher Sri Dharma Mittra, he eventually received his initiation and blessing to move forward.

    Wills teaching led him to Los Angeles where he took up studies of the Siddha medical system. Having lived with his teacher and studied for 5 years Will now incorporates these theories but maintains a strong Hatha approach using the physical poses as a diagnostic tool to meet his students wherever their practice may be.

    When not teaching, Will now immerses himself in studies of classical mantra and philosophical texts with his beloved teachers Dr. M.A. Jayashree and Sri M.A. Narasimhan of Mysore, India. Will has traveled the world sharing his teachings and using his sense of humor and laid back nature as tools in translating ancient practices.

    Nowadays he lives in Miami Beach with his wife Susan and daughter Mela. He maintains a public teaching schedule, works on staff for several 200 hour teacher training programs all across the country. Team Duprey leads their own Will Duprey Yoga 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and more often than not you will find students in the Duprey home cooking, chanting and enjoying continued studies. Will continues to work as a freelance consultant designing training programs for yoga studios and entrepreneurs working in the field.

    A student wrote, “To know Will is to love him, he is a friend who teaches by example and has a deep understanding and respect for the fabric of traditional yoga. This unassuming dude has a staggering depth of knowledge but has found a way to simplify complex concepts for all to understand. This is one punk-rock shaman whose company you want to be in!”

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  • Gabriel Villaverde

    Gabriel is the manager and head of daily operations at Trio Yoga. Aside from that you can find him teaching many different styles of yoga at Trio.Gabriel was born in Argentina and came to the states in 2001 to work in the hospitality field, after living in Miami for several years he re-discovered himself through his Yoga practice learning from different teachers in Miami Beach. This personal life shift towards a more holistic compassionate life was strong enough for him to decide deepen his practice and he decided to take a 200 Hrs Hatha Vinyasa teacher training program, as soon as he graduated he started to teach full time and realized that there is much more to learn and many different ways to this path, after taking and teaching classes with different teachers he enrolled in a 300 Hrs Gentle Therapeutics mentorship training program with Allaine Stricklen, Gabriel is now a RYT 500 and teaches a wide variety of classes in different venues. Gabriel loves outdoors and also teaches stand up paddleboard Yoga.



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  • Monica Uribe

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  • Charly "Acro" Diaz

    One of TRIO's owners, Carlos Diaz is a Yoga, Budokon & AcroYogi at heart, body & spirit. A lover of movement, spirituality & all things related to being happy, Charly infuses his classes with a dynamicism few have. He weaves his budokon classes with technique, yogic awareness & most of all LIGHT! We are blessed to have Carlos Diaz as an instructor at TRIO!

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  • Andrea Favelli

    Andrea Favelli is a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Professional Dancer.

    She took part in various Modern Dance Companies, and she is currently performing with the Tango Times Dance Company.Andrea teaches Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Yoga, combinig choreographic and balance aspects into the Yoga practice. She practices Ashtanga, Anusara and Aerial Yoga. She teaches Aerial Yoga in TRIO - Wynwood Miami Studios!





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  • Heather Ashley

    Heather has been involved in gymnastics and dance for the vast majority of her life. Following a severe sports injury as an adolescent, she was unable to continue practicing competitively and thus began her journey in yoga. Experiencing both the restorative benefits and the confidence that yoga can instill, Heather became a certified yoga instructor through Cloud Nine Yoga in Temecula, CA. 
    Now based out of Miami, Heather is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with everyone but is especially drawn to the adolescent crowd. She currently teaches an introductory Vinyasa flow class that is offered to teens aged 13-16. This unique class is interactive in nature and shines a spotlight on the "fun" elements of yoga. By focusing on breathing techniques, forms of meditation and a variety of asanas, the aim is to foster confidence, a healthy relationship with oneself and a foundation in yoga that can be carried on through a lifetime.

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  • Nicola Brisuela

    Nicola is an elementary school teacher and eco-friendly clothing designer. From a young age her connection to the body and its complex systems has driven her from sports to personal training and finally expanding to yoga more than 15 years ago. Yoga has proven to be the one complete system that has brought the deepest awareness and unity into mind, body and spirit. 

    It is through this connection that we can find our own power and ability to heal ourselves and others. 

    Certified in Vinyasa, Pre Natal, Power Yoga and Paddle Board Yoga, her classes are ideal for all levels from beginners to advanced. Vinyasa means the connection of breath to movements. Therefore, Vinyasa style movements are designed to connect the asanas, or postures, to the gentle flow of the breath. We will move through postures to create strength, endurance and flexibility while focusing on alignment, honoring our bodies and allowing the breath to guide us.

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  • Katie Love

    Katie Turrisi is a 500-Hr ERYT and certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher based in Miami Beach. She was first introduced to yoga in 2008 through the fascinating practices of tai chi and meditation. As well as the energizing physical effects, she found that yoga changed her thought patterns and habits in a profoundly positive way. Her unique classes focus on an elevated intention, moving mindfully through a series of postures linked with the breath, and releasing emotional and physical blockages to come closer to Yoga, union with the Self. With inspiring music playing and Katie guiding your breath and movement, you may find your asana practice becoming more of a moving meditation than a physical exercise.

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  • Lorie Valentino

    Lorie is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance. She teaches Kripalu yoga, yin yoga, and mindfulness meditation. Her yoga classes focus on linking the breath with movement to create meditation in motion, connecting the student to universal energy. Kripalu Yoga stretches, strengthens, and recharges the body. It is a mindful style of yoga for cultivating a calm mind, relieving stress, and promoting a healthy body. Her gentle to moderate classes are designed for comfort, ease, and healing and will support a beginning yoga student or a seasoned practitioner looking to slow down their practice.Lorie strongly believes in sharing yoga and meditation's ability to heal the body and the mind through increased awareness.

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